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tv   The Early Show  CBS  February 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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get all southbound lanes re- opened. that is a check of traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. thanks for watching cbs 5 "early edition," folks. we'll see you back here tomorrow bright and early at 4:30. go find your mittens. it's chilly out there! good morning. breaking news. the violence in libya escalates as moammar gadhafi blames osama bin laden. hundreds trying to flee the country while president obama condemns the brutal attacks on demonstrators. >> suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. >> we will bring you the latest this morning from one of several cities tobruk why gadhafi opponents have taken over. a left wing website gets the republican governor to reveal his plan to put pressure on the big unions. we will hear that tape and the governor's reaction. and back in the water. one year after a seaworld
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trainer was drowned by a killer whale, the live shows are finally set to return to the parks but questions remain even with new rules in effect. we will speak with a former trainer about that tragic incident and what is now being done to ensure trainer's safety "early" this thursday morning, february 24th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good morning to you. it is 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. 10:00 here in new york. i'm erica hill. >> i'm chris wragge. good morning. with all eyes on the turmoil in libya, we are hearing strong words from president obama. he says the violence must stop and attacks on demonstrators in his words, violate every standard of common decency. we will hear what the white house is saying this morning coming up with chip reid at the white house in a few moments. we begin with the latest from inside libya.
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moammar gadhafi has just spoken as he tries to keep control of his teetering regime. mandy clark has made it to the eastern city of tobruk where opposition forces are firmly in control. she joins us on the telephone. mandy, hello. >> reporter: good morning, erica. well, in a phone call that lasted 20 minutes on state-run tv, moammar gadhafi blamed drug crazy youth for the violence in his country and told the libyan people that elements of al qaeda were destabilizing influence. this comes after his son was on state tv this morning denying the regime has been responsible for war crimes. gadhafi's son made a surprise appearance on state tv this morning to claim that life in libya was getting back to normal and deny government war planes had bombed civilians and promised to take civilian observers on a tour to prove that tomorrow. yesterday, there were reports of
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gunfire and street battles in other parts of the city. anti-government protesters in the city of mizrata tore down a stat tu of gadhafi. a symbol of his rule. first major city in the western half of the country to fall to anti-government forces, bringing the insurgency closer to the heart of his regime and his power base in the capitol. he called on his supporters to hunt down the protesters house-by-house. in the capitol they were burying their dead with no end in sight to this uprising being the fear is there will be many more casualties in the coming days. the concern is now that gadhafi is getting his forces in his tribal strongholds to the west and will launch a counter offensive in eastern libya. >> mandy, the president here in the united states, of course, has spoken out, calling the attacks on demonstrators unacceptable, outrageous. have those words from president
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obama made it to the streets of libya? >> reporter: it certainly has to the people we have spoken to here in tobruk and found it very encouraging and believe the international community is backing them and that will give gadhafi a moment to pause so he wouldn't commit war crimes on his people if he knows the world is watching. >> mandy clark in tobruk, libya, thanks. joining ous phone is an american citizen who just left libya and made it safely with his family. is everyone safe, brad, and okay this morning? >> yes, they are. >> were you afraid for your life or for the lives of your wife and your son? >> i'd rather not discuss that at this point. >> when you were able to leave and leave that compound, you saw some pretty graphic things on the streets. can you describe for us what you saw? >> yes. on the way to the airport, we
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were stopped by, i guess it would be pro-gadhafi supporters checking people coming through a checkpoint. armed personnel on the streets. so it was pretty scary for my wife and son to go through. we weren't sure how we would make it through. luckily, we had a driver that could negotiate us through these checkpoints and arrive to the airport and it took husband two hours to get inside the doors of the airport. once we were inside it was mass chaos. every time they would open up a desk for a flight, everyone was trying to get on these flights. a few fights and things inside the airport. really shook my family up a lot. it was very -- very -- very stressful situation to be in. >> you essentially -- >> the pictures that we're seeing now of the airport just from yesterday, those pictures can't even come close to describing how packed it was and how the situation was when we
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were there. that is a thousand percent improvement over what it was when we were there. you can actually see chairs now. when we were there, it was basically people sleeping on top of people. just the worst you could possibly imagine. >> how hard was it for you to get out then to get the arrangements made to make sure you and your family were able to leave? >> it was extremely hard. we had confirmed flights and even with confirmed flights, they still wanted boarding -- physical boarding passes which you'd have to go back to the offices to get. at the time, they weren't letting anyone out to get these boarding passes, so it was extremely difficult. thankfully we had a lot of the locals, we had a few locals with us that were actually helping us that we met in the airport, so they came to our aid seeing that i had a family with me and we were just trying to get out. if it wasn't for them, i really appreciate their work that that he came in and aided us in getting out. >> brad, we appreciate your time. thanks for being with us. i'm still a lot of processing
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that needs to take place for you and your family but we're glad you're safe. >> thank you. as we mentioned president obama is calling the violence against libyan protesters outrageous and says it must stop. white house correspondent chip reid has the u.s. response now from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. a lot of people thought it was very odd yesterday when the president in his statement not only did not call for regime change for moammar gadhafi to step down, but did not even mention gadhafi' name in his statement. senior officials tell cbs news that is the president's strategy, to be very cautious about gadhafi. the fear is that if this turns into a war of words between president obama and gadhafi, gadhafi might be provoked and he might then target americans who are still in libya and might even take them hostage. that, of course, would be a nightmare scenario that the white house would very much like to avoid. in his statement, though, the president did strongly condemn the violence.
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>> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous. and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of libya. these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> reporter: the president also said that he is exploring a range of options against libya. what does that mean exactly? well, it certainly means, according to white house officials, sanctions, either uniuny laterally by the u.s. and military options are now on the baseball table. the most likely one a no fly-zone in libya so gadhafi could not use his air force to attack his own people. >> chip reid, thank you. we want to turn now to the latest on wisconsin's budget standoff which the entire country we know is watching. now that may be the world. listening to an embarrassing conversation between a telephone
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prankster and republican governor scott walker. the governor putting more pressure on ever on democratic legislators. dean reynolds joins us nor from madison, wisconsin, with more on the call. >> reporter: good morning, erica. pressure, indeed. the governor today has sdach dispatched state troops to the homes of the state democrats who have been hiding out and blocking the vote on the bill in the legislature. another sign of the governor not to let that notorious prank call distract him from his goal. as the wisconsin budget standoff entered another day, the news was dominated by a prank call on governor scott walker. >> hi, this is scott walker. >> scott, david koch. how are you? >> hi, david. i'm good. yourself? >> reporter: the governor thought he was speaking to one of his biggest bank rollers billionaire industrialist david koch but it was a blogger ian murphy empercent nating koch on
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the phone. strategy to force democrat senators to return to wisconsin and vote. in another exchange, he tells of plans to punish state workers with layoffs. >> we will wait it out. day one, start sacrificing thousands of public workers will be laid off, sooner later, they are going to be pressure on the senators to come back. >> reporter: in the call, walker styled himself as a latter day ronald reagan battling big labor. >> ronald reagan wasn't a pushover. i said this may not have as broad -- wisconsin's history, i said this is our moment. this is our time to change the course of history. >> reporter: the governor's plan would ends the right of the unions to bargain collectively over benefits and working conditions. wednesday's prank call lasted 20 minutes, the governor never caught on. even when he was offered a trip to california by the fake koch.
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>> well, i tell you what, scott, once you crush these [ bleep ] i'll fly you out to cali and really show you a good time. >> all right. that would be outstanding. >> reporter: at a press conference later, walker suggested the call was hardly newsworthy. >> bottom line is the things i've said are things i've said publicly all along. >> reporter: but emotions continue to run high. as soon as walker left the podium, a democratic opponent took the mike and trashed him. >> he is acting like a dictator, not a leader. the guy is a mega maniac. >> reporter: it's not known if any of those senate democrats are even in wisconsin but the governor presumably hopes one can be found and can be compelled by the presence of state troopers to come back to work. erica? >> we will see. cbs' dean reynolds in madison this morning, thanks. in new zealand this morning, death toll from this week's earthquake up to 98. 226 people are still missing. as every hour goes by the chance of finding more survivors is
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fading. cripple chiznew has the latest from christchurch. >> reporter: the death toll is specked to go much higher on thursday. the prime minister said fatalities could reach numbers nobody dreamed of. >> live earthquake. >> reporter: this is the very moment the terrifying quake struck christchurch tuesday at 12:51 p.m. in the middle after busy work day. on thursday, officials made a grim announcement about a hard-hit boating that housed a tv station as well as nursing and language schools. >> for reasons explained to you today, the ctv saw it, there is no chance of survival at that site. >> reporter: authorities believe up to 120 people remain buried benen the twisted mess of steel and concrete including dozens of students from dozens of asian countries. >> why this building?
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>> reporter: the number of workers on-site now exceeds 1,000. volunteers from around the world are helping to comb through the destruction, broadening the search beyond the city's high-rises to smaller buildings outside the downtown. officials say even though no survivors have been found since wednesday afternoon, all hope isn't lost. >> in some cases, there i ma be people trapped in rubble. . people are alive and trapped, we are doing everything humanly possible. >> reporter: there have been more than 40 after-shocks here in christchurch since the earthquake first struck which was just 60 hours ago. the damage estimate is now as high as $12 billion. for cbs news i'm kim chisno in christchurch. we get you a closer look at other headlines with jeff glor standing by at the news desk. a british judge ruled that wikileaks found julian assange
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could be sent back to sweden. he was in court today for his extradition hearing. swesh prosecutors want to question him about two rape allegations. kelly cobiella is in london with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. the judge yesterday shot down both defense arguments saying the arrest warrant against julian asang is valid and he can get a fair trial in sweden. today, assange called the whole affair nonsense. he is accused of having sex with two women without using protection in sweden last year. he denied commit ago crime and saying all of this is politically motivated and related to the thousands of documents release on his website. he pressured other countries into treating him harshly. >> why is it that i am subject, a nonprofit free speech activist
7:15 am
to a $360,000 bail? why is it that i am kept under electronic house arrest when i have not even been charged in any country? >> reporter: assange said this ruling today was no surprise and he will appeal. jeff? >> kelly, thank you. this morning, toyota is recalling another 2 million plus vehicles in the u.s. to fix gas pedals that can get stuck under floor matter or carpeting. the world's biggest car make toyota has recalled more than 14 million vehicles now in the past two years. the obama administration has changed course on same-sex marriage. the justice department says it will no longer defend the 1996 defense of marriage act which defined marriage as only between a man and woman. cbs news chief legal correspondent jan crawford is in washington this morning with more on that.
7:16 am
>> good morning. president clinton signed this law into effect and denies benefits from gay and lesbian couples who have a right to marry in their states. for two years the obama administration has defended this law and now attorney general eric holder is telling congressional leaders the american has created unconstitutional and should be struck down. this is a major victory for gay rights and could possibly pave the way for same-sex marriage nationwide. on such a contentious issue the reaction is fierce. they are blasting the president saying he is imposing his own personal beliefs and ignoring the will of the people. this decision is certain to provoke a heated political battle with congress. highly unusual for a president to say his justice department will no longer defend an existing federal law, that rarely has happened in the nation's history. jeff? >> jan crawford, thank you. 16 minutes past the hour now. we check in with marysol castro
7:17 am
for the first time with our first check of weather. good morning. >> good morning. we show you the national picture. a few thanks so much. that's your latest weather.
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now over to erica and chris. the southwest, by the way, no snow but cooler than normal temperatures. >> still warmer than here. thanks. still head on "the early show," seaworld is bringing back his killer whale show one year after a horrifying trainer's death. is it too soon and will a new procedure keep other trainers safe? plus mixed information on the housing front. home sales are up but prices are down. what does it mean for you? the latest on the challenges for the housing market ahead on "the early show."
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good morning, everybody. it's:25. time for news headlines. i'm frank mallicoat. a body is expected to be removed from a backyard in novato today. the body found buried under a new brick patio hasn't been identified but neighbors say the 74-year-old man living in the house has not been seen since november. police consider his wife a person of interest. san francisco police department will be allowed to consider arming officers with stun guns. the police commission voted 6-1 for that after rejecting a similar request last year. police department plans to study the plan and report to the commission in 90 days. and oakland police hope some new surveillance video will solve a sexual assault case. officers say the video shows the man who suspected of attacking a woman near lake merritt. the victim says she was attacked in her jackson street
7:26 am
apartment just two weeks ago. we have your weather and traffic coming right up. stay right there.
7:27 am
better news in san francisco. they have re-opened all but one
7:28 am
lane of 19th. they had been blocking all lanes by san francisco state for a while. this was the scene from chopper 5 just a short time ago. you can see where the flatbed truck was. they got that pickup truck uprighted and out of lanes and all but sounds like the two lanes are still blocked but traffic is getting by okay. no big backups anymore. all right. out towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we have big backups here. unfortunately, it is backed up almost to the macarthur maze. the metering lights have been on for more than an hour. that's a check of traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> all right. and we are talking showers around the bay area, the possibility of some snow outside. scattered showers continuing out there right now. pretty good cell making its way in through parts of the central bay n oakland, rainfall is moving in that direction toward alameda. it's heading to the southeast so, yes, san leandro is going to be picking up but rain and some snow. how about this snow levels down to about 1,000 feet today. around the bay area, winter weather advisories going up even lower as we head in toward tomorrow. ,,,,,,
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half past the hour as we welcome you back. a beautiful sunrise here on "the early show." >> welcome back to "the early show," everyone. chris wragge along with erica hill. one year ago today in orlando a popular seaworld trainer was pulled underwater and drowned by a killer whale. seaworld is getting ready to bring back those live shows with new safety procedures in place. but the big question, is it going to be enough this time around? >> we are going to take you there this morning, talk with a former trainer who also worked with dawn brancheau, the trainer who was killed last year.
7:31 am
afi's loyalists and hired militiamen are striking back, though. president obama called the bloodshed outrageous. mexican authorities are holding six men for the attack last week that killed u.s. immigration officer jaime zapata and wounded a second officer. all the men are alleged members of the zeta drug cartel, including the gang's leader. mexican army officials think they mistake the agents avehicle for that of a rival gang. the shuttle "discovery" is hours away from launch this afternoon. its final flight. it will be "discovery's" 39th flight, and 11-day mission to the international space station. the oldest remaining shuttle "discovery" has traveled 143 million miles since its first launch in 1984. and a rare scene outside
7:32 am
one year after a trainer's horrific death at sea world in orlando, the popular theme park is getting set to launch a new killer whale show with updated safety measures. but critics say it's not enough to prevent another tragedy. cbs news correspondent whit johnson is in orlando this morning with that story for us. whit, good morning. >> chris, good morning.
7:33 am
seaworld has just announced that its trainers will soon get back into the water with the whales. something they haven't been able to do since the attacks. as for the whale responsible, he's still here, but is kept at a safe distance from the public and the trainers. ♪ with the orcas still dazzling crowds, the force of what happened here seems like a distance memory. >> she actually has a trainer in the water with one of our whales. the whale that they're not supposed to be in the water with. >> reporter: one year ago today, dawn brancheau, a 40-year-old trainer, was mauled and drowned by a six-ton killer whale named tillikum. her family said in a statement, dawn was the star of our family. not because she was a famous trainer, but because she was a truly loving and inspirational person. since dawn's death, trainers have been subject to a new set of rules. gone are the days of high flying rocket hops where the trainer is propelled into the sky by the whales.
7:34 am
in fact, even though they'll be going back in the water, they will only be during training sessions. workers will also have access to safety bars and ponytails must be wrapped into a tight bun. >> we've always said that we're going to try to work to get back in the water. we're not there yet. >> reporter: no date has been set for in-water training but critics say the safety precautions still ignore the heart of the problem. >> they're certainly masking the issue that the whales are really born, you deprive them of all the social stimulation, environmental stimulation, and expect them to do well. it seems to me to be a recipe for disaster. >> now, seaworld is teaming up with dawn brancheau's family on a foundation in her memory. but the legal battle is far from over. in april, seaworld plans to fight a number of safety violations that could keep killer whale trainers out of the water for good. chris? >> cbs' whit johnson for us in orlando this morning. whit, thank you.
7:35 am
and joining us now is dr. jeffrey ventre who spent four years as a trainer with seaworld's killer whales. and he worked with dawn brancheau. he joins us this morning. doctor, good morning. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> i mean, do you agree? should the trainers -- it's been a year. do you think it's about the right time that the trainers should get back in the water with killer whales? >> well, i think this is a predictable response by seaworld. this is a multibillion dollar corporation that makes its money through the exploitation of orcas and trainers. trainers are grocery underpaid. and as dr. jett just mentioned in the previous segment, these animals are highly understimulated. tillikum chose to pull dawn into the water by her left arm and it got ugly after that. so this is a predictable response. but i think the key point in history is going to start on april 25th when osha takes a close look at the safety issues associated with swimming in the water with killer whales, and i think that's going to determine
7:36 am
whether this will actually happen or not. >> you're a key witness in one of those government hearings. what do you plan to say? >> well, i just wrote a paper with dr. jett that describes the increased mortality and morbidity associated with the whales themselves. for example, we now know that killer whales in captivity typically don't live to even ten years once they enter that environment. we also know that they break their teeth on the horizontal steel bars that separate them for training sessions. and if you take a look at their teeth, this might be the reason why they're dying at such an early age. >> you say that -- what's the true nature of the attack on dawn comes to light, people will be horrified. and with these hearings, that is most likely going to be the case. what did you mean by that, exactly? >> well, first of all, tillikum did a counterclockwise spin move using an arm bar and rolled dawn into the water and killed her in probably just a couple of
7:37 am
minutes. it really became a recovery operation soon after she got into the water. he broke her sternum, he bit off her left arm. she was scalped. she had a lot of internal bleeding. the posterior elements of three ribs were broken, and he simply wouldn't give her up. it took an additional 30 minutes just to pry his jaws open and get her out of him. and i think that these are the reasons why osha -- i mean seaworld doesn't want to open these hearings up. because the details are horrific. >> dr. jeffrey ventre, thank you for taking the time to speak with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> okay. coming up next on "the early show," home sales are up, prices way down. we're going to tell you now if this is the best time to buy or sell. that's all when we come back. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] introducing new ragu,
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it's all good. ♪ everywhere i go... ♪ i'll pass it on, ♪ and on...and on...and on... edible arrangements. happiness is always in season. visit, call or go to in this morning's "moneywatch," making sense of the mixed signals coming from the housing market. a new report shows sales of existing homes rose unexpectedly last month by nearly 3%. which sounds great. yet home prices are at their
7:41 am
lowest levels in nearly nine years. so what does it all mean? cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here wh advice on making sense of this. also on renting versus buying. all these important housing questions we have right now. let's start with those, first, those numbers that we're seeing. why are home prices continuing to drop at this point? is it just seller desperation? >> it's partly seller desperati desperation. but a big factor here is the number of foreclosures in the market. last year 26% of all the homes sold were foreclosures. foreclosures tend to be lower priced. that's dragged down the overall prices in the market. but that seller desperation is also a factor because there's just much more supply of houses than there is demand to buy them. >> a lot of people look at a foreclosure as a great deal. clearly by those numbers you gave us there are a lot of them out there. but there's much more to the price of a foreclosed home than that just initial sale price. >> yeah. and the sale price for last year was 28% less when it came to foreclosures than other houses. but the issue is that there's
7:42 am
all of these hidden costs. particularly in the foreclosure arena. you have insurance costs that you have to pay for. in addition to that, there are taxes. these are the annual things that you'll owe. energy costs are a big factor here. especially with oil prices back up at $100 a barrel. energy prices are getting more expensive. and maintenance costs. when you deal with an older home, and in particular a foreclosed home, you may have a lot more maintenance to pay. >> so these are all things to take into account. there seems to be a real push, five, six years ago for people to buy versus rent because all the prices were so low. you have some things that we can look at first to figure out whether, in fact, renting may be a better option. >> and renting can be a much better option. i'm a renter, erica. and it makes sense if you think that you're not going to be living in a place for more than five years. if you want to be a home buyer right now in this kind of environment, you have to say i'm going to live in this place for five-plus years. in addition to that, you have to look conservatively at your own financial status. and say, am i going to maintain this status?
7:43 am
what if i lose a job? what if my child goes to college? what if? you have to think about all of those what-ifs when you're contemplating. and rentales can actually be better if you anticipate that some of these what-ifs could happen. >> because you may have a better chance of getting out of a lease or something. >> exactly. >> if you are looking to rent, though, people are always concerned they're throwing away their money. you can get a good deal on your rent and you can even negotiate a little bit. >> you really can. the census bureau looked at the average price of a lengthal at $755 a month. you can lower that price by as much as 8% if you negotiate with the landlord and say listen, i'd like a free month. you have to do your diligence. you have to look at the fact that there are other properties out there that are renting for similar or maybe even less amounts. go to your landlord, tell them you know this, and tell them you've been a great person living there, and you'll continue to pay your bills on time if they lower the price. >> always worth a shot. rebecca, thanks. just ahead, chronic fatigue syndrome. it's much more than just feeling tired all the time. we have the latest information on this puzzling condition.
7:44 am
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♪ in this morning's "healthwatch" the mystery of chronic fatigue syndrome. affects up to 4 million americans and can be debilitating. some people think it's more psychological than physical. the new research finds biological evidence for cfs. dr. jennifer ashton is here now with the latest on this new study. before we get to the results, though. good morning to you. >> good morning, chris. >> let's talk about exactly what it is for people who are a little hazy on this. >> chris, as doctors we're taught about the disease, any disease, we're taught that sign of a disease is something that we can see, or anyone else can see, and a symptom is something that only the patient can feel. chronic fatigue syndrome unfortunately is a very vague and complex disorder that really doesn't have any signs, but it does have symptoms. and they can be debilitating, and they really can range from
7:48 am
everything from muscle aches and pains to memory problems, or psychological or psychiatric issues. severe headaches. sleep issues or insomnia or tender and painful lymph nodes and the list can go on and on. this is not something that a little nap is going to take care of. only about 5% of patients with this disorder get any resolution of their symptoms. >> now let's talk about the research and what exactly causes it and what can people do to get rid of it? >> what's really exciting. this research was done in new jersey and they studied the spinal fluid of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, and also normal patients. and they found over 700 specific proteins or biomarkers, potentially, in the spinal fluid of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, which is so important, because really for the first time, it opens up the door for not only accurate diagnosis, because right now there is no one diagnostic test for cfs, but also once you can find the protein or biomarker that's almost like a fingerprint for news medicine and science.
7:49 am
and then you can target specific treatments. >> yeah, do we have any idea what those specific treatments are? >> no. and you know what, that's one of the most frustrating things about this,right now patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. there treatments are really band-aids on those specific sympt symptoms. they could be anything from medication to treat their pain or the resultant depression that they get. diet therapy. physical therapy. but hopefully in the future we'll be seeing more breakthroughs. >> dr. jennifer ashton. thank you. good to see you this morning. we'll be right back. this is "the early show" here on cbs. >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by v-8 v-fusion juice. vegetable and fruit juice that just tastes like fruit. ? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? lose those lines for up to a year! juvéderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here. temporary side effects include redness,
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7:51 am
7:52 am
a disturbing new trend getting a lot of attention these days. we've all seen parents disciplining their children in public when it makes you kind of uncomfortable. seems maybe a little bit harsh to the outside world. now, parents are showing the
7:53 am
entire world what they're doing, posting videos of extreme punishment online. >> yeah. when i was a kid it took one look, and that was it. we're going to talk about the backlash when we come back to "the early show" on cbs. for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before.
7:54 am
turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers.
7:55 am
good morning, it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. today officially begins a new era in the san jose police department. chris moore will be sworn in this afternoon as police chief. the 25-year veteran had been serving as interim chief. chuck reed will deliver opening remarks at 5:00 at city hall. san francisco a step closer to following the lead of other cities in allowing its police officers to use tasers. last night the police commission voted to let the police department consider the use of tasers. the department will study the plan and report back to the commission in 90 days. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. -- and cupertino-based apple won't have to go public for its plan to replace its chief executive. last month, ceo steve jobs went on medical leave indefinitely.
7:56 am
some shareholders called for a plan to ensure a smooth transition in case jobs leaves but that plan was voted down yesterday as a shareholders meeting. traffic and weather coming right up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
if you are a muni riding, residual delays now on the 28, 29 and 17 lines. this is all due to an earlier rollover crash on 19th avenue that's almost cleared. it sounds like it's still blocking a southbound lane of 19th avenue and again still
7:58 am
causing residual delays for muni riders. new accident just reported in hayward southbound 880 right before the highway 92 interchange. the accident was cleared to the right shoulder. unfortunately, it is still slow for your ride on southbound 880 backed up from at least looks like 238 according to our live traffic sensors. outside, live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we always like to check in see what's going on here. busy morning unfortunately, it is backed up well into the macarthur maze with about a 20- minute or more wait to get you on the span. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> all right, elizabeth. we have some cold temperatures around the bay area, mainly into the 30s and the 40s right now. and guess what, we have some showers to go along with that. and it's getting a bit wet in parts of the bay area, in the castro valley, san leandro, spreading toward hayward right now. you are going to see pockets of more showers heavier in the afternoon and colder. snow level, we have winter weather advisories to 1,000 feet by this afternoon in the north bay. even lower as we head in toward tomorrow. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
top of the hour and top of the morning to you this morning on "the early show." good to have you with us. anticipate erica hill with chris wragge this morning. jus ahead we're going to talk about the debate over discipline. a few outbursts have been making their way on to the internet and are they igniting some passions in people. you may have seen this one, a mom puts her kid's toys on ebay along with pictures of her children, because she says they ruined her bath it tub and she is putting all their toys up for sale on ebay. needless to say the reaction she got, probably not the one she was going for. we're going to take a look at
8:01 am
the extreme public displays of kiss plin and whether it's a good thing for you and your children. >> so many stories you hear. one i heard a few weeks ago about a young man who god bad grades the mother made him wear a sign and make him stand street side with the fact that he couldn't pass certain courses. >> 1.22 gpa. >> thank the good heavens my mother did not get that memo way back when. i probably would have been dawning that same sign. maybe the biggest day ever in trearddur, wales. we'll visit the fishing village in a few moments and their first official appearance together this year and we will be there to get a look at the royal couple. >> and more than a few people there as well this morning. hoping for that same glimpse. we'll have that for you. first jeff glor standing by at the news desk with a look at the headlines we're following for you. >> this morning, libyan leader moammar gadhafi continues his brutal defense of tripoli and bizarre speeches. he's blaming osama bin laden for in his words manipulating libyan people. forces loyal to gadhafi have
8:02 am
launched counter attacks against his opponents but the rebellion is growing. gadhafi opponents control much of eastern libya where much of the oil is located. ben ghazi and tobruk they've been joined by defecting members of the military. the reb yan is moving closer to tripoli. several cities near the capital are controlled by rebels who say they plan to liberate tripoli soon. and this morning cbs news correspondent mandy clark is in tobruk, one of the cities controlled by anti-gadhafi forces. mandy, good morning. >> good morning. well yes, jeff, there are clear signs today that the gadhafi regime is feeling the heat like you said, his son went on state television today to deny accusations they have committed war crimes. now the accusation is that they have bombed civilian areas and also sent in mercenaries to kill protesters. but despite these denials, more and more military personnel are
8:03 am
defecting and joining the protesters' side. today we spoke to an army captain and she said that she is willing to fight for the cause to see gadhafi step down and possibly sacrifice her life. now, gadhafi is really retaliating against these military personnel that are defecting and he has cut off army supplies to cities in the east that have fallen, but a lot of regular people are feeding those military personnel who have defected and joined their side. regular people have also created militia to help control traffic and also set up road blocks to provide more security for their towns. now, the real concern is that gadhafi is trying to consolidate his forces in the west which is his tribal areas, and then launch a counterattack in eastern libya. jeff? >> meanwhile, mandy, we know that president obama went on television here yesterday to speak out against the violence that's taking place there.
8:04 am
a tough decision for him because he doesn't want to put americans in danger still in libya. what's been the reaction to the president's speech on the streets there where you are? >> well, certainly the protesters have embraced obama's announcement. they feel now that the international community are backing them and that the international community is watching gadhafi and it will prevent gadhafi from committing any more war crimes that he may do against his own people. >> mandy clark this morning from libya in tobruk, thank you very much. rising concern over the unrest in libya hose oil prices surging. crude oil prices went up to nearly $102 a barrel in trading in asia. libya's oil output of 1.6 million barrels per day has been disrupted by this crisis. >> general motors reported a net income of $510 million for the fourth quarter and $4.7 billion for the full year. that is gm's first annual profit since 2004. wikileaks founder julien
8:05 am
assange will appeal a judge's ruling he should be sent back to sweden. assange was in court in london to hear a judge rule against him in his extradition hearing. he is accused of rape and sexual molestation by two women in sweden. he denies those allegations. the death toll is expected to rise more after that earthquake in new zealand. in christchurch, there are thousands of damaged and destroyed buildings from tuesday's quake. the death toll right now stands at 98, but 226 people are still missing and as more time passes the chance that they survive decreases. in wisconsin state police were dispatched to the homes of democratic state senators. the idea to pressure the democrats staying out of the state for now, to return for a vote on a budget bill curbing public worker unions. lindsay lohan has been warned she could go to jail. she was back in court in los angeles yesterday on charges of stealing a necklace from a jewelry store. the judge told lohan she would definitely be put behind bars if she accepts any plea deal in the case. she has two weeks to decide.
8:06 am
katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> good morning. from back pain to heart stents, even prostate removal, how where you live could determine the medical advice you get. we'll take you invited a new report tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >> at 8:06, we move to marysol castro once again with another check of the weather. >> hello again, hello, everyone at home. take a look at the national map if i can get the clicker to work. you can see morning clouds give way to morning sun give way to afternoon clouds in the northeast. the south, southwest a little cooler than normal but we turn our focus to the first severe
8:07 am
>> this weather report sponsored by subway restaurants. any of your favorite breakfast foot longs are now $5 foot longs. >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. here's erica. >> thanks. just ahead, is it discipline,
8:08 am
humiliation or abuse when a mom sells her kids toys on ebay. a look at the pictures that have a lot of people talking and it's not the only example. this is "the early show" on cbs. nly example. this is "the early show" on cbs. you choose. s try an irresistible steak, egg & cheese, with toasty tomato or chipotle southwest sauce on tasty flatbread. only at subway! ♪ >> ( beeping, beeping stops ) >> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free with the federal free edition at turbotax. the most trusted brand of tax software.
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the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. welcome back. they whiten, they brighten, fight plaque and tartar and that's not all. we're talking about toothpaste, of course, and 69 new varieties hit store shelves in 2010 alone. which one is right for you? dentist nancy rosen is here to guide us down the toothpaste aisles. good to see you here this morning. >> good morning. >> we talk about 69 new toothpastes this year alone, there was 102 last year. why is there a need for so many different options out there? >> there are so many toothpastes because everybody has different problems, desires and wants. i mean people who have sensitive teeth can now go and find sensitive toothpaste. people who are mint haters there's flavors of lemonade and
8:12 am
green apple. you can have whatever you want out there. >> it's popular with the kids to have different flavors because it's tough to get kids to brush their teeth. >> even adults. >> do you need to spend money on a fancy toothpaste? what is the essential people should be looking for whether it tastes minty or candy. >> the main ingredient that you need, you don't need fancy, you don't need expensive is fluoride, fluoride fluoride fluoride. everything you have in a toothpaste is very helpful, but you absolutely need fluoride. >> yeah. so just look -- do a little label reading as well to make sure. >> absolutely. >> how would i know if i needed, though, a specialty toothpaste? >> the best way is ask your dentist or dental high againist. they can recommend a toothpaste that would be perfect for your needs. >> as far as the claims that are made on lots of toothpastes we see fights gingivitis, we see new and improved on just about everything. how much can we believe some of the things we read? >> if the box has the ada seal on it, it does what it says
8:13 am
because it goes through specific trials and criteriap. that doesn't mean -- there are toothpastes out there without the seals that still are safe and effective, but if it has the seal it does what it says. >> basically just look for that ada. >> absolutely. >> if it's not there may be okay, but it's not going to fight gingivitis and all those things the best way possible. >> if it has the seal it went through all those trials. >> let's talk about some specific toothpastes to target specific problems here. and tartar is a huge issue with everybody that has teeth out there. >> everybody. >> as far as what toothpaste you need to address that? >> well, you need to look for anti-tartar toothpaste and what that does is it helps prevent the buildup of plaque. so you want to look for an anti-tartar toothpaste. >> you mentioned before about teeth that are sensitive. is there a toothpaste out there that caters to people with sensitive teeth? >> there are sensitive toothpastes. what they do is they block the
8:14 am
heat and cold sensation of the nerves so you won't be able to feel that and a lot of people with sensitive teeth find these toothpastes very helpful. >> so many options to whiten your teeth. toothpastes that claim to do it. you can get the trays. it's a $1.4 billion a year industry. the toothpaste that say they will whiten your teeth, are they accurate with that claim? >> they won't specifically whiten your teeth but they help remove superficial stain and if you have had let's say a bleechg treatment, it helps maintain the color. >> yeah. and the old standby is baking soda and water. is that still effective? >> it is. >> with all the toothpastes and all we've talked about? >> it's effective and very inexpensive but you don't want to do it too often because it can be too abrasive for your teeth. >> before we let you go, how many times did you brush your teeth today? >> two. >> just two. >> just two. three would be great. >> dr. nancy rosen, good to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the fine line between discipline and
8:15 am
humiliation. we're going to look at some parents who may think they went a little too far with disciplining their children. this is "the early show" here on cbs. choose a salad or tasty soup. pair it with a texas toast half sandwich, like our southwestern blt with applewood smoked bacon. served with fries, it's big flavor for just 6 bucks! weekdays at chili's. all you expect from the number-one recommended detergent by dermatologists. all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes. and has powerful stainlifters to help get your whole wash clean. it's all good. [ male announcer ] did you hear about the car company test-driving cars on the internet? you just log on, click "drive," and hit the space bar to accelerate. all from your living room. that's absurd. this is the all-new 2011 dodge charger. available for real test drives.
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this is the all-new 2011 dodge charger. i love my pet bald eagle brock, my bison sara, i love my pick-up with the custom constitution paint job... i celebrate jury duty... i love america so much, i'm making an all american jack combo two jumbo patties, with melting cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles, plus fries and a drink for only $4.99. i've celebrated every american tradition...except one... spring break cancun yo!!!!!!!!
8:17 am
try the all american jack and enter to win an all-american spring break for you and 10 of your friends. discipline is likely one of the most difficult issues for any parent. just how tough do you really need to be with your kids? this morning one mom is getting a lot of flange because she tried to teach her kids a lesson and then shared it with the world. online. in recent days, some very public punishment by parents, seemingly pushed to the limit, are causing an uproar on the internet, and the airwaves. earlier this month, an ebay user identified as zany21 put her sons' toys up for option after they scraped and chipped her bathtub. but that's not all, the mother also posted pictures of her two tearful boys and wrote we received a quote of $500 to replace the tub. and the kids had $125 in their piggy banks that will go toward
8:18 am
the cost. the listing ignited a fire in the blogosphere. >> this is just not the appropriate forum. >> as a parent, part of your job is to be above that. >> reporter: with users ganging up on the mom, sending her irate messages. all the while, upping the bids to $1 million to ruin the auction. in tampa, a teen was forced to stand on a street corner for hours, holding a sign about his low gpa. it read, gpa 1.22. honk if i need an education. >> in the long run he'll thank me for it. >> reporter: and who can forget this alaska mom's home video? jessica beagley disciplining her 7-year-old son by forcing him to drink hot sauce before enduring a freezing shower. beagley appeared on "dr. phil" seeking the host's help. >> i feel out of control. >> reporter: after the show aired, the video sparked a flood of outrage. back home in anchorage, beagley was charged with child abuse. she has a march court date.
8:19 am
while these mothers may have had the best intentions, the public nature of their punishments aren't winning them much sympathy. and in this digital age, it means the images they posted will live on for all to see. psychologist and "early" show contributor dr. jennifer hartstein is here to talk to us a little bit more about discipline, right and wrong. why do you think people are actually putting this out there nowadays? >> well, i think it's the same thing we talked about before. we all put it out there. and i think it's a skewed idea that takes a village to raise your children. and so we're reaching out to get additional help, to get support, to get some sympathy or empathy, even validation. >> you think? >> for sure. and the fact that it ends up being very harmful to your children. but these mothers seem to be at the end of their ropes, really frustrated and seeking any outlet they can to get some support or guidance. >> there are two issues we want to address, the children and the parents. let's start off with the children. because we've seen sort of public humiliation forever. >> right.
8:20 am
>> everyone's seen something in the grocery store and you cringe for the child at the other end of that tirade. >> mm-hmm. >> as a parent you wonder, too, what's really going on. what is the public humiliation do for the child? >> it does depend on the level of the public humiliation. and we have to start to think about what does that bring to the sense of shame? it does shame them. it embarrasses them and shame is an incredibly powerful emotion that can be carried through their lives. so they may be more sneaky in the future. they may internalize it and become depressed or anxious. so it's really important for a parent to stop and think about what's the long-term effect, even though in the short-term it seems to be effective. >> what about for the parent? when they're doing something like this, posting it online, whether it's a tirade in the grocery store, when does it cross the line into abuse? >> it's a really, really tough question to know. it's that fine line between tough love and abuse. and i think we have to stop and think about, is the child being harmed? what are the long-term effects. sit, you know, we say about marks on the body but the emotional part we have to keep in line.
8:21 am
>> those are the scars you can't see. >> exactly. >> when you're at your wit's end and every parent can relate to this. and you have those moments where you think, i can't do this anymore. >> right. >> what do you do as a parent? sometimes i just step away and i tell my son, mommy's giving herself a time-out. >> perfect intervention. the fact is that you want to model what it's like to take that time-out. so if you are feeling so frustrated that you want to wring their neck or do something that could be considered to be out of control, try and take a breath, try and step away, and go back to it and deal with it later. don't ignore it, but take care of yourself and you'll take care of your children. >> ultimately, how do we get our children to listen more, to ultimately behave better so that we're avoiding this form of discipline down the line? >> right, it's really hard. there's a couple things you really want to think about. we want to set the expectation early and when they're young we really want to reinforce any positive behavior you see. when you see it. lastly be a detective. maybe this kid's not doing well in school because he's got learning issues. maybe the kid is acting out because there's some attentional problems. what is it? be a detective in your own kid's
8:22 am
life. if there's oppositional behavior or if there's something really problematic underneath. >> maybe they're tired. maybe they're hungry. >> that's right. what is it. think about all of those things before you jump on the punishment. >> i feel like every time we talk it comes back to the importance of talking with your child. >> yes. and letting them know what you want from them. if they know that early, they can then know what the consequence will ultimately be so you don't have to go to an extreme measure. >> great advice. jen, thanks as always. >> thanks, erica. >> just ahead this morning a royal welcome in wales for prince william and his fiancee kate middleton. we will take you there live for their first official public appearance. as an engaged couple. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. your local news is next. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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forces to libyan leader moammar gadhafi are striking back at protesters. there have been hi, everybody. time for news headlines. forces to libyan leader moammar qaddafi are striking back at protestors. there have been counterattacks on a mosque eat of tripoli and an airport. at least 10 people were killed at the mosque. today he told state tv that osama bin laden is behind the uprising. police started searching a backyard after a neighbor reported that a 74-year-old man had not been seen since november. fbi evidence recovery team found the body under a newly placed brick patio. there could be new rules for gas pipeline operators here in california. the public utilities commission
8:26 am
meets today. it will consider requiring a report whenever pressure in gas lines accidentally rises above the legal limit. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning. let's go out to hayward. an earlier accident southbound 880 approaching 92 is cleared. unfortunately, traffic is still really slow backed up from at least a street in those
8:28 am
southbound lanes. 880 through oakland, not much better. all right. two crashes -- here's the look at 880 through oakland where you can see it's really jammed up passing the coliseum. let's go to our maps. i want to tell you about a couple of accidents. vasco road at daulton in livermore, malfunctioning traffic light and two accidents happened near that intersection so be careful there. westbound 580 through that area looks okay. at the bay bridge toll plaza, one more live traffic camera backed up well into the macarthur maze. unfortunately, it is a very busy thursday morning at the bay bridge. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with a check of this snowy forecast. >> all right, elizabeth. yup, temperatures getting cold out there. and yeah, we have a chance we could see some of those scattered snow flurries outside. scattered showers though right now as the temperatures continuing to drop just a bit. headed toward danville we have showers there and in towards san ramon. more widely scattered showers intensifying toward the afternoon. yes, snow levels dropping so the prospects for snow down about 1,000 feet late in the day and overnight tonight. that will continue to drop.
8:29 am
yup, could reach sea level by tomorrow night. hidden dirt can build up. for flawless results, use finish dishwasher cleaner to remove grease and limescale. and a cleaner dishwasher means amazing dishes. finish,
8:30 am
half past the hour as we welcome you back to "the early show." you're looking at a live picture from trearddur bay, wales. little guy is taking a nap right there. why are we showing you this picture? well, because the engaged couple everyone has their eye on, prince william and kate middleton, will be making an appearance there this morning. they're taking part in a ceremony to bless a new lifeboat, basically. and this is right in the area where they've been living. a town where the prince is, of course, involved in royal air force doubtdyes. so we're going to bring you there in just a little bit. bring you more insight into what they're doing there this morning. >> nice little crowd forming
8:31 am
there, too. well we know the royal wedding excites you ladies. this next segment that we're going to talk about exciting jeff and i. it's all about housework. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> this is some great stuff. if you hate housework we're going to make it fun. >> i need this, too. >> i'm telling you, i am not making this up, some of the items we have are fantastic. new products to make life a little easier. everything from a quiet vacuum to an ironing board that literally -- i'm not going to tell you what it does because you have to see it. because to me it was the most impressive item. >> i'm convinced that there's a design flaw in the ironing board. >> until now. >> until now. that was -- that to me was the breakthrough item over there. wait till you see it. >> i'm intrigued. >> you will never iron the same way again. >> excellent. >> okay. >> good. >> all right. >> because i know you do a lot of ironing. >> every morning, every night. you kidding me? all the time. >> of course. let's take a final check of your
8:32 am
8:33 am
thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now over to chris. >> over five seasons david spade's character russell in the hit sitcom "rules of engagement" has had trouble with relationships. except the professional one he has with his assistant. >> this keeps happening. i don't nope what's going on. >> oh. perhaps they found your episode of "to catch a predator." >> where's is that new list of insults? come on. >> i'll be in my office. tandorky chicken. oh, you're tan. you're dorky, and you're chicken-like. that's pretty good. you see, a good bross pushes yo to be better. >> and david spade, good morning. >> good job. >> that is some very good stuff. now, this is a show about
8:34 am
couples. >> yeah. >> and you seem to have a great relationship with your assistant. you even got him writing -- >> yeah. well, when i originally wanted to do the show, there was two reasons. one, adam sandler told me to do it, because he's the producer. >> yeah. >> and he's kind of my boss. and, he goes what are you doing the next six to eight years? i go, nothing, adam, whatever you need. but the other one is i like the idea of like, this is kind of in real life there's a married couple for ten years. and they're kind of burned out. and then there's the engaged couple, looking forward to how great it's going to be. and then there's the, you know, single dude that's a little older than he should be but still out there shaging it up. so i thought it was kind of funny. always a grass is greener situation. and, when i got this assistant coming in, we added in the show like a year or so ago, thought it was interesting because then it's like another couple to cut around to. they have their fights.
8:35 am
he and i act stupid together. and then it just kind of is a good mix in the show. >> any chance of a potential love interest for you down the line? >> we had joan collins in, and i guess she played my mom. >> that's not the love interest -- >> i was flirting with her all week. i'm like oh, wait, she's my mom on the show. thought we were back in the "dynasty" days. >> did she call you darling a lot? >> yeah, she was very sweet. and yeah, they rotate some cute girls in now and then. but it never seems to click. and i think it's more fun if i'm just ruining all my relationships. >> what do you think of the new night? >> the new night makes me a little nervous. >> why is that? >> thursday, we've been on mondays for a long time. i mean we've kind of been jumping around since we started. but, thursday was good until i heard about the stupid "american idol." and that's on against us. so i was nervous. until i saw randy the other night at dinner. >> what did you say to him? >> and i said, randy, we're on up against "american idol" and i
8:36 am
go, you're going to beat us? he goes, yeah, we're going to beat you. so we agreed to agree. then i said, how's the spaghetti? he goes, it's a little pitchy. >> you have nothing to worry about. >> right down to the 30 million viewers, it's basically gone. >> you mentioned adam sandler before, one of the producers of the show. you guys have a movie coming up together "jack and jill." we've got some shots. >> oh, yeah. >> that's you, huh? >> oh, my god i wish you had a full body shot. look at me. i have a belly ring. >> what is this? what's going on here? >> well, oh, there's adam. oh. >> adorable. >> i think that's his jill. i hope. oh, this is when we were the gap girls back on "saturday night live." >> was that the genesis of this idea? >> no, adam was going to do this idea anywhere where he plays twins. a guy and a girl. he plays them both. and then, i'm his arch rival from high school that we fight. it's kind of stupid like that. but it's funny. >> pacino is in this movie. >> i know. >> are you surprised it took this long for pacino to get in
8:37 am
one of your movies with you and sandler? >> listen, he reads for every movie. he's very good. it's just never been right. but this one, i actually in the last scene, i get in a fight with katie holmes and then i kiss al pacino. pushing for it to be the other way around. but it turns out -- but al and i, and we had to kiss and we were filming it, and it was like -- of course i was like ready for it. he goes, maybe we can just fake it. i go, that's not why i'm here, al. this is going down. >> a sandler project, we'll not fake it. >> of course. this is like -- i go, we got all the cgi. we have to do some things real. >> david, thanks so much for coming in. >> all right, good to see you. >> and you can see "rules of engagement" in its new time slot tonight at 8:30, 7:30. >> right after the big bang. >> just after a new "big bang theory." you are so right. right here on cbs. >> now here's erica. >> there you go. now here's erica. >> chris, david, thanks. at the academy awards this sunday celebrities will be
8:38 am
walking the red carpet decked out in their designer gowns, their fabulous shoes. and those jewels. and, they will have a glowing complexion. well, the rest of us may not be able to afford the bling, we can get that perfect skin and here to help us learn how is cosmetics dermatological surgeon dr. pat wexler with some skin secrets of the stars. great to have you with us. >> thank you very much. it's wonderful to be here. >> there are three main things we need to do to get that glowing complexion. three areas we're going to target. what are they? >> well, you want to get a textural change. you want a radiance to your skin. you want to get the wrinkles diminished and a good lift to your skin. and you want to get contouring. >> okay. so those are the three things we're focusing on. we'll start with the first one which is perfecting the texture. we have sort of three levels of how we can do this. one treatment is seeing a before and after here. this is what the stars would do. what are we looking at? >> you're looking at the top of the line treatment. we're talking about resurfacing with something like the fraxil
8:39 am
laser. it is no longer the chernobyl of peels where you're burning off skin. there's no down time. you're looking at the fraxil makes microscopic little tunnels in the skin and you're growing new collagen. after four or five treatments you've got a whole new surface of the skin, no pigmentation irregularities. the skin has a radiance. it's got a glow to it. it feels like baby skin. >> you can really see the difference in that picture. that is $1500. which is why it's our high end. a little bit lower, we all want to look good, you can actually do a peel now in your home with a towelette basically. >> you can use a towelette, glycolic acid. but at home you get a 10%. in the office you get about a 70% peel. but there is a difference. but if you do a peel every day, or once a week, eventually you're going to get the evening of the pigmentation. the radiance, the glow of your skin, and you're going to get a beautiful textural change. >> so that's about $150. >> right. >> for a little bit less than
8:40 am
that a little shimmery makeup can go a long way. >> the make jumps now have luminous particles in them that reflect the light. so if you have brown spots or irregularities or even scars the makeups have particles that will reflect the light and you're going to look like you don't have those irregularities. and then you have something called perfect which is sold, which isn't a self-tanner. it's a makeup that has these particles in them. >> so that kind of evens it out for you. >> and it doesn't come off without putting soap and water. so you can use it face and body and look like you have a tan, but not use self-tanner. >> we can all use a little bit of that, especially in february. now that we've perfected the texture of our skin, i'll bring you down here which is basically tightening up. you want to get rid of the sagging skin, the wrinkles. if you're a celebrity and you can afford this next treatment. >> right. >> boy could you see big results. >> you can see by before and after. you can see the double chin on her face and you can see how dull her face is. look at the cheek and how lifted
8:41 am
the cheek is and the jawline and that little pooch under the chin. you can see that frequently as soon as you are getting off the table. you can see improvements. with this technology, and it proves for three months afterwards. it's ultrasound. that's why it's therapy. and it delivers the energy to the level of the muscle where the face-lift would normally be done. >> interesting. >> and you feel some heat when it's being done. it's a one-time treatment. and afterwards, you can see the tightening of the connective tissue. it's also causing collagen to be formed. so you're getting the radiance of the skin and tightening. >> that face-lift without going under the knife. but $4500 is probably out of most of our budgets. >> exactly. >> to get a little bit more tightening we can do something for under $100. this is $65. what does it do? >> makeup artists tell me freeze 24/7 under your makeup like a primer it's got the same type of chemicals as a botox so it freezes your face for the day and makes you look like you
8:42 am
don't have wrinkles and it tightens your skin. >> you can also try night firming lotion. >> or you can use kesari, it's got time released retinol. or the patricia d. line has a retinol preparation in a nonirritating formulation. over time you're going to get rid of wrinkles. >> thank you so much. we'll have more of them on our website, including ways that you can work on that contour. >> okay. >> you'll find that at >> thank you. >> chris? >> erica, thank you. bag some of those up for me, would you? the labor department says 85% of women, 67% of men, do household chores every single day. cleaning dishes, washing clothing and so on. so this morning we are here to help. we're actually going to make it pretty fun. senior editor david gregg of is here to show us some great new devices to tackle all these old chores that we find so kind of boring. >> i'm doing great.
8:43 am
i feel like "q" from 007 so i'll call you chris bond. i'll be "q." >> this is really high-tech very interesting cleaning. >> the dirt devil. >> this is a device that's really appropriate for all of the quick spills you want to get quicked up. dry spills. what's interesting of the dirt devil is it's really strong, it's got a crevice attachment, also the optional brush here, is that it has a very easy way to get rid of the waste. pop and drop. you don't have to get your hands dirty. push the button and empty it and you're good to go. >> we're staying on the vacuum kick. this is a vacuum and mop all in one. >> this is from hoover called a floormate. it says vacuum, wash and dry. so you get to get rid of your broom and your mop. but more importantly, it dries it, too, so you don't have to have all that waiting time with your drying and uses something called spin scrub technology. with separate chambers for the dirty water and the clean water so the dirty water never gets back on your floor. >> spits a little water, mops it up for you. >> dries, you're good to go.
8:44 am
>> saving all that space in your closet, as well. this, this looks cool. what is it? >> this is from electrolux. they've got an interesting initiative going on. 55% of the plastic in this particular vacuum has come from recycled plastic used by people that's in our oceans that's being pulled back and used to make this. the green ultrasilencer vacuum from electrolux. i'm going to power it up. this is the worldest quietest vacuum cleaner. >> wow. >> doesn't it sound like a fan going on. listen to how quiet that is. >> no more scaring the pets. >> under 70 decibels. you're going to be able to clean while your kids are sleeping. while the baby's asleep and it's very powerful, too. also has hepafiltration in it. >> you can hear what a mess this is. >> and you're going to get the allergens out of the air. >> move to the kitchen now. >> five bucks right here. that's all it is for this mat -- actually it's a mitt right here. what's interesting about the original swif it mitt, basically it's a three in one. it's a duster, it's a polisher,
8:45 am
and a glass cleaner, too. five bucks. you actually kep pulling the levels off to be able to clean. >> now, we've seen these before but it's a little bit more one stop shopping in that you don't have to worry about having too much on your countertop. >> oxo is known for making ergonomically designed devices. it's very comfortable in your hand. what it does is combine the simplicity of a scrubber. but also, all your soapy solution in here, too. you push a button, squeeze out the soap, give it a scrub and you're good to go. they're very inexpensive, also. >> if you don't have a dishwasher. >> this is from bon home the heat and dry dish rack. think of it as the dishwasher sans the scrubber. so basically you clean your dishes in your sink, take them out and put it in this drying rack. it actually has a blower, you can feel it, that's blowing heated air. so within ten minutes all of your dishes, all of your silverware, your glasses, are dry. >> it's not too bad to look at. >> and it's very quiet. >> this item? >> steam cleaning has become the rage. one of the hottest items for
8:46 am
gift giving was steamers. this ask from bissell. no chemicals whatsoever in cleaning. appliances, grout, tile, any bathroom surface. give it a push and there you go. and it cleans it right up. >> this iron is great. i cannot believe the face here, how many holes this thing has. >> it has tons of holes. that's important because when you're ironing the more holes you have, the more steam that comes out, the the less passes so it irons better. on top of the fact that it's 1800 watts so it gets really super hot. and it has a very interesting feature. if you are a person that's short on time and you're ironing, if you don't wait for the iron to heat up and want to use it in steam cycle. what happens? you have lake erie all over your clothes. you will not have that problem with this iron. it has a locking mechanism that steams the water in the chamber. it's called the steamium. >> this works great with the iron. this is my best item of all, this is the one i love. >> ironing is the bane of my existence and basically what's cool about this particular rierning board is the fact that, look at this, you do not have to move your clothing anymore.
8:47 am
>> no more creases. >> you flip it and it does its thing and basically makes ironing totally easy. revolution 360 ironing board. we found this at and finally this washing machine from lg. this is the truesteam washing series. besides the fact that that's 14.8 cubic feet. so all of that laundry there goes in that washer. and it also uses truesteam technology so you don't have to iron as much. direct drive motor so that means it doesn't make any noise. no belts and pulleys and uses cold water, less inferring. and it's basically the new wave in doing your laundry. >> you make me want to go home and do chores, david. thank you, david gregg, appreciate it. >> we forgot -- >> david, we got to go. but thank you. we're going to get these products go to our website at you are a big help. now here's erica. >> good luck finding those products. i'm taking all of them home with me. stay with us. we'll be right back with more on stay with us. we'll be right back with more on the royal en,,
8:48 am
the smell of warm maple syrup. honeysuckle and rosemary. the smell of shaving cream. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes... giving you just what you need to keep your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home.
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the music makes you sit up. when you hear the royal music, you straighten your posture. we want to take you to north wales this morning where prince william and kate middleton are on official royal business this morning. their first public appearance since their engagement. cbs news correspondent mark phillips joins us there with all the latest this morning. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. well, we're experiencing a little elasticity, shall we say, in the royal timetable here, and not for the first time. but this is a town on the very wild and remote and i must say today, windy, northwest coast of wales. you can probably hear the welsh choir singing in the background. and everyone here is gathered. not too many people at home in this part of the country right now. gathered to welcome prince william and kate middleton on their first official, royal visit. royal function. they're here in this little town to name a lifeboat.
8:51 am
a sea rescue boat. but really this is an excuse, in fact the kind of trial run for the kind of life they're really going to be having once they get married, and once kate becomes a fixture on the royal scene. we can actually now see the royal cavalcade beginning to pull up here. this is very much a trial run for her. prince william, of course, is very used to this kind of public attention. he's very used to being at the center of the glare of publicity, having lenses pointed at him. for kate middleton, this is a new experience. and they really arranged this particular one to suit her. she's very familiar with this area, as he is, because they haven't had to come very far. in fact, to perform this function. he's based at the air base just up the road where he's a helicopter pilot, and she's been spending time with him at their house not far from that state. so this opportunity was really
8:52 am
perfect, as a first trial run, first exposure. they're often seen around in this community. they know some of the people here. the people are used to having them around. and a crowd of, i would say, 300, 500, maybe a little more than that, very remote and small little town, has come out to welcome them. there was some concern today, i must say, because it is so breezy here, for the moment, but it's been halling here all day, as to what that would do to kate's wardrobe, and kate's hair. but it seems like she's got it pretty carefully tucked away there, and is learning some of the tricks of the royal trade. >> all the important things have been taken care of. mark, we love the look today and we've seen this is sort of the kickoff, too, for them, perhaps to the royal wedding which is, of course, just a couple of months away. >> this is very much the beginning of that whole scene. the wedding is, as you say, still a couple of months away. but we're going to be seeing
8:53 am
them from now on and this is the first event. >> we look forward to some more. great timing, huh? got a chance to see them. hope they have a wonderful day.,
8:54 am
8:55 am
headlines... today forces loyal to libyan leader moammar gadhafi are it is 8:55. good morning you i'm sydnie kohara. forces loyal to libya leader moammar qaddafi are striking back at protestors in one city 30 miles west of tripoli, a witness saying soldiers used automatic weapons to attack a mosque where people were camped out. a doctor said he saw 10 dead and 150 wounded. a body is expected to be removed today from a backyard in novato. an fbi evidence team found it last night buried under a newly placed patio. a neighbor told police a 74- year-old man who lived at the house hasn't been since in months. and oakland police have a clue they hope will help solve a sexual assault case. they have surveillance video they say shows images of a man who is suspected of attacking a
8:56 am
woman near lake merritt. the victim says she was attacked in her jackson street apartment about two weeks ago. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,, when your eyes are smiling... you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun.
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ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. 880 traffic in oakland real lid stop and go in the
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northbound labors past the coliseum. -- in the northbound lanes past the coliseum. northbound 880 past whipple minor injuries involved in the crash. sounds like a couple of lanes blocked so it is jammed to union city. northbound 880 kind of just a mess this morning all the way up into downtown oakland. bay bridge busy here, as well. it's been a busy thursday morning commute. its still backed up well into the macarthur maze. and the san mateo bridge, this is our bright spot. so far right now no problems in either direction across the span. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> elizabeth, we have some showers out there right now. cold showers indeed making their way in along the peninsula right now in toward the pacific area. we are seeing some showers there. linda mar valley you're seeing showers at this time and more showers will continue on and off intensifying in toward the afternoon. and then the possibility of some low snow levels down to about 1,000 feet starting out in the north bay later on today. and then that's going to lower as we head in toward friday as colder air pushes into the bay area. could even reach sea level. keep your fingers crossed as we
8:59 am
head toward friday. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.


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